Our history

We stopped surveying and started talking

We innovate by incorporating neuroscience into all our processes. We discovered that the important thing is to understand the feeling of the experiences and we become experts to measure it.

Timeline – EOL Research

With more than 20 years of experience in the world of market research, EOL Reseacrh arises in response to the market’s need for faster and more reliable information, taking advantage of all available technological resources for data collection and information delivery.


Online Surveys is born in the midst of a technological revolution.

We take online surveys to the streets; we were in the cinemas, supermarkets and metro stations. We are pioneers in technology and innovation applied to the collection of information and its delivery through web Reports.

We incorporated notebook, pda and palm pilot for face-to-face surveys, giving us greater accessibility to people.

We developed a NETWORK of Pollsters with PC Pocket throughout Chile and also Ecuador, Peru and Argentina.


We grew in offices and consolidated a team specialized in experience measurement and marketing.

We incorporate an operational infrastructure of 120 call center positions and network of interviewers and expert auditors/clients nationwide.

We incorporate Neuroscience and Biology into our processes and management.


We created APM (Love for the Brand), a methodology that redefines and improves the way we obtain feedback from customers.

We stopped surveying to start talking to our audience.

Calagend: Created to democratize customer experience studios.

Small businesses and independent service providers can measure their customer experience.